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Audit & Attest Services

FFH has over thirty years experience providing audits. Our auditors have been involved in servicing numerous companies in many industries with a wide variety of needs including acquisitions, reverse mergers, and registration filings, and are adept at auditing complex transactions.

We understand that a well performed audit holds high importance to you. The quality of our work is of utmost importance to us from an internal standpoint as well as to the quality of the product our client receives. This quality is achieved by the placement of experienced shareholder level auditors, managers and staff in the field. We have a low turnover rate with our employees and are committed to providing staff continuity from year to year. We believe this provides greater comfort with our clients and helps with efficiency.

We know there are many firms that can provide audit services to your company. We are committed to providing the kind of service and personal attention that will help develop a long term relationship with you. Once we gain an understanding of your business, we will be able to help you with new issues, accounting literature and law changes and be in a position to help you with new challenges and other opportunities. We will be able at any and all times to offer advice to you in any area or facet of your business that involves auditing, tax or other areas of our practice you may need.

Our audit engagement teams are structured to provide the best quality control process in compliance with AICPA and PCAOB rules. It is with the same quality control in mind that the engagement team for your audit will be selected. As part of our membership with these quality control organizations, our firm has been and continues to be subject to rigorous and regular quality peer reviews. Our peer review reports have consistently been unqualified.

We believe it is important for all of us to work together as a team to achieve effective and efficient audit preparation. We like to keep the lines of communication open with you with relation to our fieldwork dates and your deadlines. During that fieldwork, we will obtain data from your system and your personnel that enables us to perform a more effective and efficient audit. Providing our audit is not only about meeting your requirements, but also an opportunity to use your information to help us help you avoid any unnecessary problems caused by accounting rules changes or other law changes.

You should expect a high level of service from a group of knowledgeable professionals with consideration given to your timeframes and budget. Our goal is to be that group.

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